R-Dizzle-Fo-Shizzle-My-Nizzle-Off-Da-Hizzle-Drizzle, R-Dizzle for short, is a character seen in several Nigahiga videos. He is best known for his appearance in the Skitzo series. He is portrayed by Ryan Higa.He is also seen in 'How to be Gangster.'


R-Dizzle is a rapper who first appeared in How to be Gangster as one of the teachers. R-Dizzle didn’t appear in any later videos until 1,000,000 Subscribers. It is possible that the singer from I'm a Chingstah is R-Dizzle. R-Dizzle’s most recent apparances are in the Skitzo series.


R-Dizzle is one of the four main characters of Skitzo. His stereotype is The Gangster. R-Dizzle is best known for his running gag where he doesn’t listen to Ryan.

In Introductions, R-Dizzle is the second character introduced. R-Dizzle at first doesn’t listen when Ryan asks him to introduce himself and gets angry when Ryan interrupts him, causing a shaky start between the two. R-Dizzle is the only one who agrees with Regina changing her name to “Re-gina”.

In The Halloween Story, R-Dizzle is shown to be very impatient when they are waiting for Regina. R-Dizzle is the first to tell his Halloween story in which he “scores so much candy” by beating up a little girl and taking hers. He is the only one who finds Regina’s story funny.

In The PSA, when Ryan asks the others to make PSAs for the YouTube Boss, R-Dizzle makes his a music video on how you will die if you do things like take drugs, have sex, not recycle and play with fire. After seeing R-Dizzle’s PSA, Ryan gets angry and storms out of the room, saying they are not taking PSAs seriously.

California RollersEdit

R-Dizzle appears in the cartoon series as Kazu's anger side, still voiced by Ryan Higa.