Regina is a character seen in several Nigahiga videos. She is best known for her appearance in the Skitzo series. She is portrayed by Ryan Higa.


Regina is a girl who first appeared in Why Chris Brown Beat Rihanna playing Rihanna. Regina made cameos in I'm a Chingstah and Hook on Fonik. Regina’s most recent apparances are in the Skitzo series.


Regina is one of the four main characters of Skitzo. Her stereotype is The Dimwit. She is the only female character of Skitzo and is obviously the dumbest character of the series.

In Introductions, Regina is the third character introduced. During her introduction, Regina states that she doesn’t like the fact the puppie’s noses are wet. When Regina hears Hanate’s real name, she says she is changing her name to “Re-gina” which leads to an argument between the characters.

In The Halloween Story, Regina locks herself inside of her car, until Ryan tells her to simply unlock the door. When the characters are exchanging Halloween stories, Regina noticeably has the longest story. Regina explains that on Halloween she shot three kids dead when she originally thought they were The Jonas Brothers, shocking Ryan. Ryan forced Regina to leave so the others wouldn’t get in trouble. Regina apparently got away with the incident.

In The PSA, when Ryan asks the others to make PSAs for the YouTube Boss, Regina makes hers on sex. After seeing Regina’s PSA, Ryan claims it as “different”. Regina wets her pants at the end of the episode, saying she got her own PSA.