The Halloween Story is a video made by Nigahiga. It is the second episode in the Skitzo series.


The episode starts with Ryan, R-Dizzle and Hanate waiting for Regina. Ryan recieves a call from Regina saying that she is at Ryan's house but is locked inside of her car. Ryan eventually tells her to unlock the door.



  • Regina: Oh my God!
  • Ryan: What? Get out of here!
  • Regina: I can't!
  • Ryan: Why?
  • Regina: It's locked.
  • Hanate: Wait, that's not fair. I never got to tell my Halloween story!
  • Ryan: I'm sorry, Hanate. How was your Halloween?
  • Hanate: I stay home. Cook rice.


  • This is the first Skitzo episode to have a cold opening.
  • It is revealed that Regina owns a shotgun and loves The Jonas Brothers.
  • Hanate only has two lines in this episode.
  • The message "got rice?" flashes for a micro-second at the end of the video.
  • This is the first episode where "Teehee" is not at the very end of the episode (due to Hanate demanding that he tell his story).
  • R-Dizzle is the only one who enjoys and finds Regina's story funny.

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